Personalised Water Bottle
Personalised Water Bottle
Personalised Water Bottle
Personalised Lunch Box
Personalised Lunch Box
Personalised Lunch Box
Lunchbox, Bottle and Lunch Bag Personalisation - environmental life

Lunchbox, Bottle and Lunch Bag Personalisation

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Personalised Lids and Bags

Our range of stainless steel lunchboxes and bottles can be personalised to make them your own. They make excellent personalised gifts, for him, for her or for children. Why not design something for the lunchbox lover's Birthday and Special Occasion?

Make your kids lunchbox come back every time with a name or graphic

If you have an idea, let us know! If you need some inspiration, why not search online for a graphic, image or vector art and get in touch to see if it can work. We love a challenge so don't hold back!

Just purchase the relevant personalisation option alongside the product you want. Please remember to enter your requests in the text box at checkout or email us to let us know what you would like.


Rather than the usual Mintie logo on the bottle lid, you can choose any image or text you like. For example, why not personalise with your name? Or your favourite emoji? 

Using computer controlled Laser Engraving, any design can be brought to life, so long as it is a single colour. If you want to discuss any ideas you may have, please email us!


Next to the Mintie logo on the lunchbox lid, you can have your name or logo engraved into the metal.

This method uses computer controlled machining to cut your design into the surface (just a fraction of a mm!) so it will be emblazoned on your box forever!

Any part of the flat area of the lunchbox can be engraved on, leaving the embossed mintie logo in place.

Lunch Bag

If you are buying a Duo or Snug Set, you can choose to add an embroidered name to the cotton lunch bag that is supplied with them. This is a traditional embroidery technique that is performed by machine. Please note it is limited to text characters in our standard bright green colour


Remember - If you would like a product that you are purchasing to be personalised, please also purchase this personalisation item as well an if you wish to personalise two items, you will need to add this item twice.

When you check out, please add your personalisation requirements in the text box on the shopping cart page. If you would like to use an image on the bottle lid, please email it to us. 

Personalisation is limited to a single colour.

Please contact us to find out about branding for your business or event