Mindful Mintie say "Fudge to Fast Fashion..."

Mindful Mintie is back!

As we are a good way through Second Hand September we thought it fitting to bring you a post from Mindful Mintie  with this little gem.

One way we can all reduce what we use & need is by buying our clothes pre-loved, secondhand + vintage. We know that fast fashion sucks, according to Oxfam every week 13 MILLION items of clothing ends up in UK landfill..

Let that sink in a moment  - as this statistic truly blew my mind 13 MILLION?!?!

So if you need some new threads think before your part with your cash. Shop second hand where you can, preloved and vintage clothes stores are fantastic too and with a growing number of increasing brands looking for ethical materials and production methods over fast fashion we have many more options out there when choosing what to wear.

Check out Oxfam's online second hand store a place to shop from the comfort of your sofa whilst making a real difference.

Big Thank You as always to @pedrakimou for images of Mindful Mintie 


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