Change for Good

Supporting Our World and giving back

One of the reasons we set up in business was to be able to help the planet and give back to our community in some way.

As part of the human race, we all tend to take something from the environment through our daily lives - through consumption of resources and the emission of chemicals and pollutants. Any opportunity to give nature a helping hand should be taken!


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climatepartner offset carbon emissions


Every order placed with us has the CO2 emissions due to manufacture and shipping offset. This is independently verified by a third party. Detail of this can be found here

The production of new stainless steel (which is comprised of Iron, Nickel, Chromium) creates the largest contribution to the total carbon emissions through mining and refining. Typically, stainless steel stock material is comprised of 45% new material and 55% recycled steel. The amount of CO2 produced during these stages depends on the methods of generating electricity and steam (typically hydro, coal and nuclear in China) and which production methods (blast or electric furnace) are used. For this reason, an average value is used above based on research by ISSF (The International Stainless Steel Forum)

If you recycle your stainless steel products, the CO2 emissions will be greatly reduced, as the energy used to mine and refine the steel is removed

We offset CO2 emissions through ClimatePartner. This awesome organisation makes it easy for anyone and everyone to reduce their climate impact by reducing CO2 emissions and encouraging biodiversity.

If you would like to offset other activities, check out Ecologi, they help individuals and businesses to track and compensate their carbon emissions and support climate projects. Head over to their website to learn more.

We are keen supporters of the Surfers against Sewage - a community dedicated to the protection of oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife. They are a grass-roots organisation that originated from people that were compelled to act and continue to grow and raise awareness of pollution in our seas and waterways.


We also support the World Cetacean Alliance through the Brighton Dolphin Project

Based in Brighton, the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) is the world’s largest marine conservation partnership. WCA champions the protection of marine habitats through community engagement, by focusing on whales and dolphins (cetaceans).

sussex dolphin project support charity

They aspire to work collaboratively with organisations and individuals who are regular “users” of the Sussex marine environment to create a sightings network, as well as run activities that will lead to the creation of a future generation of ocean conservationists in Sussex.

You have the option to make a donation to the Sussex Dolphin Project at checkout. We will match your donation (up to £5) and pass the full amount of the combined donation on to the charity on a regular basis.