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What is my Mintie Lunchbox made of?

304 stainless steel. This is the stuff that professional kitchen equipment is made from. It is very robust, doesn't rust and will wash repeatedly. It will develop many small scratches on the surface as it is used. This will not affect its durability as there is no coating, it is just polished. Our pot lids and band are made of BPA free silicone and can be washed, heated, frozen without degradation, often a common problem with most commercial plastics.

Can I personalise this?

Not sure if the idea you have is possible? You can find more info about personalisation here If in doubt, message us, we will be happy to help.

What are my payment options?

You can buy on our website with Mastercard, Visa, Amex Credit and Debit Cards, Apple pay, Android pay, Paypal, or in Person

What are your shipping rates?

Please see our shipping page here

Is stainless steel food safe?

Yes, stainless steel will not contaminate your food in any way. We use Food Grade 304 stainless steel in our boxes which as been factory tested for food safety

Is it safe to put in the dishwasher?

The lunchboxes and pots wash brilliantly in the dishwasher. We recommend removing the leakproof seal in the Snug range before washing to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. The bottle bodies can be washed in the dishwasher, but please wash the lids by hand to make sure they last a long time. Please remember to remove food debris before washing. For example if you have had a smoothie in the bottle, rinse thoroughly before dishwashing.

How should I wash the band and bag?

The band is made of silicone and can be washed up or placed in the dishwasher along with everything else. The bag is made of 100% cotton and should be washed on a gentle cycle in your washing machine or handwashed.

What does the 10 year guarantee cover?

We will happily replace our stainless steel lunchboxes, pots and bottles if they are found to have any defects. They will last many years if looked after.

Where else can I buy a Mintie?

Please see out list of stockists here

Is Mintie suitable for children?

Our lunch boxes have been designed with everyone in mind, we hope that little kids and big kids alike will enjoy and benefit from using Mintie. However we do not not recommend our products for unsupervised use to children under 36 months due to chocking hazards. Mintie does not have any sharp edges, the lunchbox top and lid are rolled to prevent any scratches or nicks. Mintie is an awesome lunchbox but not a toy.

Where is Mintie made?

Our products are designed, assembled and packaged in Britain and made responsibly in China. 

Can I microwave Mintie?

Yikes NO please do not microwave Mintie, it will not end well! But Mintie is oven, freezer and dishwasher safe. 
Can I use Mintie Lunch Boxes in the oven?

Yes! Stainless Steel Lunchboxes are suitable for using in the oven, we do not recommend placing on a stove. 

Please do not place in the oven with the lid of a leakproof lunchbox secured in place, it will be air tight and could be unsafe. As it heats up, steam could create high pressure inside the lunchbox.

If you wish to re-heat food in the lunchbox or bake with it, please do so without the lid, or just rest the lid lightly in place, without the clips holding it down.

We recommend the Duo or Versa for reheating or baking in the oven

The silicone seal in the snug range and the silicone lids of the pots are suitable for use up to 150C (some discolouration may occur)

Can I recycle my Mintie?

Yes. Our stainless steel boxes, pots, bottles can be recycled at most local recycling points, although we hope that your Mintie will last you many, many years before you need to do that. Our cotton bag can be recycled at local Clothing Banks. If you are unsure about recycling, get in touch!

If you wish to recycle silicone parts, we recommend getting in touch with terracycle or emailing us for advice.

Can I request a different shipping rate?

If you would like a different service, please contact us 

What shall I do to wash the leakproof lunchboxes with the silicone seal?

The silicone seal is designed to be a push-fit into the groove around the lid of the lunchbox. When washing, we recommend that you remove the seal to allow both parts to get well cleaned. After they are completely dry, push the seal back into place with the flat side against the metal. 

Can I buy your products are my favourite store?

Yes, you can buy them at one of our wonderful partners

Do you offer Wholesale?

Yes we do! Please get in touch to discuss your ideas

Do Stainless Steel Lunchboxes Keep Food Warm?

You can read more about this topic here

Can I use a discount code when checking out with Apply Pay?

Yes, but you must enter the code on the first checkout page before clicking the button to checkout with Apple Pay.


Who is Environmental Life? Why do they appear on my bank statement when I make a purchase?

Mintie Lunchboxes is the brand which is owned by Environmental Life Ltd (Registered in the UK 11932500).