Mintie is Healthy, Durable & Positive

Healthy - Minties love to be packed full of the good stuff: Colourful fruit, veggies, protein, salads, nuts, seeds, dips, sauces, houmous... sandwiches, wraps, curries, stir-fries, leftovers...

Durable - Quality products that will last a lifetime and reduce the need to discard cheap alternatives.

Positive - We are a British business that strives to offer you the best products and service. We give back what we can to help support others.

Why Choose Mintie?

Flexible - From the Mini Pots to the Versa Max, there's something suitable for snacks & nibbles for weaning, sandwiches and sides or a stir-fry and sauce.

Versatile - use them for your cooking, your leftovers, for serving and freezing. Use them at the deli, cafe or refill store. Use them for meal prep and batch cook in advance

Personal - Buy things that you love and use them over and over. Give a personalised gift that someone will cherish.

Start Good Habits

Beautiful Food - Carry your food in a Mintie and keep your food fresh, safe and beautifully presented at all times. Good looking food is tasty food.

Eco-Friendly - With Minties there is no need for additional cling film, food wrap or foil, helping to reduce waste and exposure to plastics

Start the Journey - We will help you on the journey to buying less single-use plastic. We are building a community of like-minded people that want to improve our environment, our health and our happiness.

Be Kind to Yourself and the Environment.

Make great packed lunches, and stay healthy! 

Our lunchboxes keep your food fresh, reduce your waste and minimise exposure to plastic and chemicals.

Change for Good