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Lunchbox Divider for Snug and Versa Lunchboxes

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Movable and Removable Divider for Snug & Versa ranges.

Would you like to add a second divider? This can offer you more options for segmenting your lunchbox for creating extra sections.

Or perhaps you need a replacement? Choose your size from the options: 800ml for the Snug or Versa Mini, 1200ml for the Snug or Versa Midi, 1400ml for the Snug Max

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lucy Whelan

I have found a good'un here. I discovered Mintie about a year or two ago and have bought a few things since - bottles and various sizes of lunchbox, for me, and as gifts.
Their stuff is super solid quality and good value compared to comparable products.
As a company I find them so human, run with real integrity. There aren't that many companies like that.

Jacqueline Paterson

I recently purchased from Mintie …… and like everything I purchase, I put a lot of time into research/reviews and ALWAYS want a great investment. Wow wow wow - this is what I got for sure - OUTSTANDING!!!!

I was impressed from the outset, having rung for some help and guidance, brilliant help and service Is exactly what I got! Things just got better from then …….. the speed of delivery was outstanding and the products are utterly amazing (and how beautifully they were all Packaged ! It was a treat in itself opening everything ! ). I wish I’d took piccies but I was tooooooo excited .

I bought the MIDI 1.2l lunch box sets, the small 350ml
Stainless steel water bottles, extra lunch box dividers, the MIDI snack pots and some MINI snack pots ! Everything I need for healthy eating and packing up for long days out and about, days at work, camping and even trekking ! They are outstanding buys - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Superb quality, great prices and an investment worth making - These will last you forever and ever !

I love MINITE …. PS the 350ml Bottles are ace for a Tipple At The Top when trekking. Every time we tech a summit , we enjoy a swig of vino from ours ! Well….. we are bagging off the Wainwright Walks …. We deserve it!

Keep up the great work Mintie !!!! And thank you soooo muchly
! Xx

Meg Gilbert

Great quality products and really helpful service. Brought for family Christmas presents and they loved them too. Would highly recommend.

Georgie Luxford

Really great service. Very helpful and a speedy delivery.
Lunch boxes are excellent too.