Mindful Mintie Says: Bring Your Lunchbox Everywhere You Go

Mindful Mintie Says: Bring Your Lunchbox Everywhere You Go

Bring you reusable container to the deli, cafe or refill store

Not only are re-usable containers great for preparing your lunch at home to take out with you, did you know that lots of cafes and delis will also allow your to use your container when you buy something from them? This a fantastic way to reduce the amount of waste you create when eating on the move. Your meal will no doubt taste better in a your container (especially if its a Mintie Lunchbox) than a plastic or cardboard container.

Another great use for your lunchbox is at the refill store. If you want to top up on dry goods - fruit, nuts, grains etc. - then a lunchbox is a fantastic and convenient way to do so.

We have seen many creative uses of our lunchboxes and pots - from single servings of peanut butter to collecting plastic on a beach clean!

Why not print out the Mindful Mintie Graphic to remind you? Or share with your friends and family. 

BIG THANKS to the very talented Pedro @pedrakimou
for designing these images and making Mintie come to life. Please credit the designer when distributing