Mindful Mintie says..."Bring your Water Bottle"



Mindful Mintie says don’t forget your reusable bottle today. It’s an easy peasy swap to make and with 281 Refill Points in Brighton & Hove alone there is no excuse for single use anymore.

With an estimated 7.7 BILLION plastic bottles used each year in the UK alone there is no better time to make a swap.

It doesn’t matter what bottle you use, just as long and you love it and reuse it time and time again.

So when you run out the door think keys, wallet, phone, reusable bottle and you are good to go!
Why not print out the Mindful Mintie Graphic to remind you? Or share with your friends and family. 

BIG THANKS to the very talented Pedro @pedrakimou
for designing these images and making Mintie come to life. Please credit the designer when distributing