Mindful Mintie Says "Buy a Lunchbox That Will Last"

Mindful Mintie Says "Buy a Lunchbox That Will Last"

Use a long lasting and durable lunchbox
Why do you make your lunchboxes from stainless steel?

Apart from them being really easy to get really clean, being able to put them in the oven, freeze them, them being 100% recyclable, free from BPA or any other chemical found in plastics...

The best thing about a good quality stainless steel lunchbox is that it is very long-lasting! It is great to be able to recycle materials and to encourage people to reduce their consumption but the best way to reduce waste and environmental impact is to re-use the same thing again and again and again.

No-one likes to throw away broken items and have to re-purchase them. Our products cost a little more than the cheaper alternatives but they will outlast them, meaning no waste for you and will likely be cheaper in the long run.
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BIG THANKS to the very talented Pedro @pedrakimou
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