Mindful Mintie says "Choose Sweets Wrapped in Foil"

Mindful Mintie says "Choose Sweets Wrapped in Foil"

choose sweets wrapped in foil rather than plastic

It will come as no surprise that sweets often arrive wrapped in layers of plastic - from Mars Bars to Quality Streets - but this plastic detritus after demolishing the contents can be a little shocking. 

If possible this Christmas, choose sweets wrapped in foil instead which can be recycled. They may be less obvious and probably won't be in huge stacks when you walk into the supermarket but they are out there, such as chocolate by Ombar, Divine and Seed and Bean, or chewing gum from chewsy gum. Or how about visiting a sweet shop in real life and getting some sweets in a paper bag?

When recycling foil, the trick is to gather all the foil together and screw it up into a ball, otherwise it can get rejected and put into landfill. Don't be fooled by the plastic films with metal in them either, these are not recyclable.

If there is no better alternative, choose treats that come in a larger packet and that you divide and share at home as larger things generally means less packaging, for example a bar of chocolate will have less packaging than the same weight of chocolate individually wrapped.