Mindful Mintie Says "Make Your Own Christmas Cards"

Mindful Mintie Says "Make Your Own Christmas Cards"

reduce reuse and recycle your christmas cards

How can you reduce the impact of your Christmas cards this year?

It is estimated that 100 million Christmas cards are sent each year in the UK, wowsers - that is staggering. And although some of us are ditching the real life card for an email or e-card version it would seem that many of us are not. Sending a Christmas card is a great way to catch up with old friends, perhaps write to a relative you don’t see very often and a seasonal tradition I don’t think is going anywhere fast. But with 100 million cards being received and then by January being thrown out theres no doubt that its important to think about the most considered eco way to give the gift of a card. Henry Cole the first Director of the V&A Gallery sent the  very first Christmas card in 1843 and we have been doing it ever since! 

Make your own Christmas cards

There are lots of eco-conscious ways to give a Christmas card this year, for example why not have a go at making your own? I love these print ones or you could try these wreath cards.

For handmade cards Etsy is a good shout and our personal favourites https://looploop.co.uk/

Buy charity Christmas cards

For charity Christmas cards have a look at RSPB, Amnesty or our favourites this year - polar bear cards from Oxfam 

Repurpose Christmas cards>

Another way to reduce the impact and cost of Christmas cards is to reuse those you received last year. People have been doing this for years and I can remember as a kid, cutting out the cards to use as tags.

For some other great ideas to reuse your Xmas cards have a look at the reduce - reuse - recycle website here