Mindful Mintie Says 'Shop Local'

Mindful Mintie Says 'Shop Local'

Shop Local Every Time! All Year Round!

shop local

By supporting local businesses you are putting money back into the local community and supporting the people you see around you. This year above all others, your local shops need your extra business since being forced to close during November.

So! Big SHOUT Out to our local crew:

The Neighbourhood Store
Who offer local artists, makers and designers space to showcase their work

For excellent supplies of healthy and tasty ingredients and essential home refills
for a fascinating array of vintage objects

Ginger & Dobbs for delicious provisions

Sold Shop for a vast collection of used clothes and homewares

Palate Bottle Shop the new and highly anticipated purveyor of great wine and beer

Living Room for An eclectic mix of new, vintage and living finds for your home

Who do you love? Now is the time to shop local & love your local stores. Give them a mention on Social Media and share the love….