Mindful Mintie Says "Store Your Leftovers in a Mintie"

Mindful Mintie Says "Store Your Leftovers in a Mintie"

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Christmas has always been a time for feasting and bringing people together. Sharing food and often filling our bellies with a bit more than we need. There’s nothing quite like the smell of mince pies and the anticipation of the Christmas roast...but what about the left-overs? I personally love Boxing day because of the left-overs. I am a huge fan of a cold roast potato smothered in mustard mayo! 

Storing and using what we have is a great way to extend the festive feasting but also reduces our food waste. It is estimated that 270,000 tonnes of food are wasted in the UK each Christmas including 74 million mince pies! So what can we do to help? 

Well the most obvious is to eat what we buy! If you have cooked too much? Freeze it for a meal another day, all our Mintie Lunchboxes and Snack Pots are freezer safe making them perfect for leftovers. 

Here are some great ideas for using up the leftovers from Delicious Magazine 

and the Jamie Oliver  website. And check out Left over veg pie  from Vegan Food and Living

You can also just pop a plate on top of whatever you are storing too for a super simple no fuss way to keep your leftovers in tip top condition until you are ready to feast again!!!


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