Mindful Mintie says "Support your Local Veg Box Scheme"

Mindful Mintie says "Support your Local Veg Box Scheme"

...for local, seasonal veggies with less food miles

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Christmas dinner with ALL the trimming is the best meal of the year in my opinion, but it needs to be loaded with heaps of veggies, and yes, brussel sprouts too.

One way to support your local growers, reduce food miles and get the best seasonal vegetables is to invest in a veg box scheme. Often delivered to your door and guaranteed to pay the farmers and food producers fairly, these boxes are more pricey than the supermarket, but tend to be more tasty and also make a perfect gift at Christmas. To yourself and others too.

So why not look up your local veg box scheme and see if you can test out their wares in your Christmas feast, they will taste amazing and you will be supporting your local growers and farmers this festive season.

The Soil Association have a great website which allows you to search for box schemes in your area and also has heaps of other useful and helpful information on buying organic, including eating organic on a budget. 

The Soil Association