Mindful Mintie Says 'Swap the Tinsel for Paper Chains'

Mindful Mintie Says 'Swap the Tinsel for Paper Chains'

Ditch the tinsel, there I said it!  As the kid of the 80’s I have to say that I do love a bit of tinsel at Christmas, nothing beats the slightly gaudy sparkle of the scratchy foil garlands that adored our houses as kids, but tinsel isn’t great for the environment. Made mainly from coloured PVC if thrown away tinsel can’t easily be recycled and quickly can become many hundreds of tiny bits of plastic. Again not great. 

Why not use paper instead? A little less gaudy but much more environmentally friendly. Making paper chains is a fantastic relaxing (even mindful) activity that everyone can get involved in.

Here are some great resources to give you a kick start

National Trust - How to make paper chains 

Easy Peasy & Fun on Youtube

Instructional on WkiHow