Mindful Mintie says " Swap your cotton bud for a bamboo bud.."

Mindful Mintie says " Swap your cotton bud for a bamboo bud.."

Today Mindful Mintie shares this super easy but really important plastic free swap. 





The humble cotton bud...we’ve all seen the images of the baby seahorse wrapped around a plastic bud tip, and I’ve found my fair share of these whilst doing beach cleans. Like plastic lolly sticks, cotton buds or cotton swabs as they are sometimes known are the perfect size to be ingested by animals & birds and definitely shouldn’t be flushed down the loo!




They are often made of the lightweight polypropylene making them float which helps them to edge their way through the filters in sewage systems. This makes  them easier to get out and then back into our seas and waterways.


Swapping to a bamboo bud is the way to go, don't worry you still get that dreamy feeling when you gently clean your ears and you can then compost or dispose of your bud knowing they will decompose safely. Better for the waterways and wildlife. Better for the environment.

I like the buds from Greener Habits Co. and Barnes & Binns General Store.  Have you made the swap yet? What are your favourite brands?



As always a massive THANK YOU and shout out to the talented @pedrakimou for his fabulous Mindful Mintie illustrations.