Mindful Mintie says: Swap your shower gel to a soap bar instead!

Mindful Mintie says: Swap your shower gel to a soap bar instead!

 Mindful Mintie Soap Bar Swap

Mindful Mintie is back, this time having a little spruce up! One of the easiest plastic free swaps you can make is ditching the plastic shower gel bottles and using soap bars instead. Making bath and shower times zero-waste again, did you know that the plastic used to house shower gel are often only partly recyclable, meaning some or all of the plastic bottle has to go straight to landfill or incineration. Even if it can be 100% recycled this will only be for a certain number of times before the plastic is deemed too poor a quality to be used and then dumped.   

The Guardian quoted that a million plastic bottles are bought around world EVERY MINUTE! Isn’t that staggering? What is worse is that is set to rise by a further 20% by 2021 if we don’t start taking action now. Much of the plastic waste is from drinks and other consumables but by making this simple swap in our bathrooms we can take small steps to bring this number down.

We are lucky that there has been a recent boom in ingenious people making natural and wonderful smelling soaps, with a huge choice there is really no excuse not to make the change. As a kid of the 80’s I remember the super strong, slightly overbearing smell of the Imperial Leather bar skulking on the side of the sink but thankfully this is no more. We can get soap bars of all guises, including detoxing and moisturising leaving us silky and smelling divine!


Here are a few of our family favourites, we hope you like them too...

Activated Charcoal Soap from KiteNest , perfect for a deep-detox wash.

We also love the sweet smelling Orange and Grapefruit bar from the Greener Habits Co.

And the moisturising Spring Green bar from FROG Friends of Gaia is sure to leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

So make this easy swap today, sack of your shower gel and swap back to a bar instead. Plastic-free & with no waste the change couldn’t be simpler. Also you don’t need to bin the last bit of the bar, just pop it in a soap pouch and you have a fantastic exfoliating soap-sponge combo too. We love this one from KiteNest. Have you swapped back to the bar? I’d love to know your favourites, let me know below or any other easy cosmetic changes you have made which are better for you and your planet.


Why not print out the Mindful Mintie Graphic to remind you? Or share with your friends and family. 

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