Mindful Mintie Says "Use homemade & handmade Christmas decorations instead of buying new ones"

Mindful Mintie Says "Use homemade & handmade Christmas decorations instead of buying new ones"

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There’s no doubt that it's an exciting time of year when the box of Christmas decorations comes down from the loft each year. There is nothing more lovely than walking into a home that feels festive and full of cheer. Our children love to decorate the Christmas tree, their bedrooms and the rest of the house. 

So what are we spending on Christmas decorations each year and is there a more eco friendly way to deck the halls? We did a little online research and the statistics vary wildly on what our average spend on decorations in the festive season is - with estimates from £32 up to £185 per year! We clearly love to bring some bling and sparkle during this festive season.

One way to do that a little more sustainably is to have a go at making your own. I love DIY Dried Citrus Ornaments for adding to a tree or just hanging around the home and if you have little ones, making these together is a great activity.

The sparkly baubles we hang on our trees today have a long history dating back to 16th Century Germany where people would hang red apples to signify the forbidden fruits from the book of Genesis. Often baubles these days are made from plastic and less often glass and if broken or no longer needed are hard to recycle. 

So how about this year have a go at making your own, buying from charity shops or using what you already have. Perhaps if you are looking for a change-up of decorations you could swap your Christmas box with another family or friend. 







DIY Dried Citrus Ornaments

Citrus ornaments look almost like stained glass when the light shines through them. To string your own strand, all you need are navel and blood oranges, parchment paper, two cookie sheets, jute or natural twine, a skewer or nail, and decorative hooks.

Make the Ornaments:

  1. Preheat oven to 250°F.
  2. Cut oranges crosswise into 1/4-inch slices (four oranges make a six-foot garland).
  3. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper. Pat orange slices dry with paper towels, and place them on cookie sheets in a single layer.
  4. Bake for approximately 3 hours or until dry. (To ensure the slices dry flat, turn them over at the midway mark.) Remove from oven.
  5. Using a skewer or nail, poke two holes into the top of each orange slice.
  6. Thread twine through each hole, evenly spacing the oranges on the garland. Tie off each end with a loop, and hang from hooks.
  7. Proceed to decorate your place!