11 Sustainable Influencers you have to follow!

11 Sustainable Influencers you have to follow!

Social media has officially taken over, why should we fight it anymore!? In the year 2020, lockdown trends highlighted just how much people take inspiration from each other via Instagram and other social platforms. We think social media has the potential to have a positive effect on your life if you make thoughtful decisions over the content you make available to yourself. It can provide a strong sense of community, keep you up to date with current affairs, and be a platform for learning! Your social media feed is what you make it – so why not make it full of positivity, sustainability and… yumminess? We all love some food porn! 

We have made a list of our Top 11 Eco-conscious Influencers to help you get started on your sustainable social media journey! These range from profiles specialising in sustainable fashion, veganism and climate change. Why not get following and feel inspired? 

Blue @blueollis 

Sustainable Influencers You Have To Follow

Blue is a popular Brighton-based influencer who creates content surrounding slow living, sustainability, plant-based eating and well-being. Blue makes sustainable living look easy and luxurious – because it can be! Her recipes for food and cleaning around the home are super useful and her tips for sustainable fashion could change how you shop forever! We think it is really important to focus on self-love too – fill your social media with content that is going to make you treat yourself and your world with care!

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson @ayanaeliza

As a marine biologist, @ayanaeliza knows first hand the impact we are having on the planet and through the urbanoceanlab.org is helping to steer environmental policy for the good of the oceans. A thoroughly inspiring figure that often making appearances in the media, notably on the @how2saveaplanet podcast. If you haven't already, check out her book All We Can Save - a collection of essays from women at the forefront of the climate movement who are harnessing truth, courage, and solutions to lead humanity forward.

Tolmeia Gregory @tolmeia


Sustainable Influencers You Have To Follow

Tolmeia Gregory is a 20-year-old digital artist and climate justice activist. Tolmeia is an incredibly inspiring individual who started her online activism and blogging when she was just 11 years old. She is predominantly a self-employed illustrator who has done work for The Green Party, Greenpeace and Global Action Plan. Tolmeia’s Instagram not only focuses on the climate emergency but also on social injustice, with a focus on the Black Lives Matter movement. She has her own online art shop with 30% of profits being donated to Black Girls Hike UK (@bgh_uk). We admire all the work Tolmeia is doing!

Francesca Willow @ethicalunicorn 

Francesca Willow is a professional performer and artist from Newcastle. Francesca posts about environmental and societal issues in interesting and innovative ways – sometimes using her performance background to do so! She uses her platform to educate her followers on fast-fashion, well-being and the natural world, amongst other things! Francesca covers so many bases, so if you want to stay educated through your feed, she is a great person to follow!

Amy & Ella @kidsagainstplastic 

Sustainable Influencers You Have To Follow

These inspiring sisters can teach us a lesson or two. These young activists keep themselves incredibly busy with workshops, conferences and campaigns. They have been campaigning for over a year to get schools to stop using single-use plastic in their ‘Plastic Clever Schools’ initiative. Amy & Ella have even taught lessons on BBC platforms. Why not get the whole family to follow them on social media? You will learn tips on how to reduce your plastic waste and keep in tune with what the next generation wants for our planet! 

Immy Lucas @sustainably_vegan  

Sustainable Influencers You Have To Follow

Immy not only has fantastic content, her account is also incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Her colour scheme is to die for. But much more than that, her content is so valuable! Immy’s posts range from easy-to-do vegan recipes, to camping tips, to starting discussions about the environment in larger contexts. Immy makes sustainable living accessible to all and she makes it enticing and exciting too! 


Sustainable Squad

We are loving the energy of Instagrammer, Podcaster and Youtuber: Sustainable Squad! She provides fantastic content on a wide range of activities and lifestyle hacks that will reduce waste and help you to live more sustainably – and we do enjoy seeing the Brighton-based posts too! Sustainable squad has great humour in her posts and she makes sustainable living even more fun!



This is not an influencer as such, but an account with glorious content none-the-less. Everyday Climate Change is a diverse group of photographers from all over the world. They post breath-taking photographs of how climate change can be seen physically across different landscapes and continents. Occasionally, they have guests from different sectors take over their account to provide different insights on the world we are living in. Most recently, Rainforest Collection took over the account and posted interesting content about how they study and monitor ecosystems. Anyone interested in climate change or photography should follow these guys! 

Bea Johnson @zerowastehome

Bea Johnson was named as the “Mother of the zero waste lifestyle” by CNN and her 268,000 followers are nothing to be sniffed at! She prides herself on her minimalist and zero-waste lifestyle. Bea is a motivational speaker and author. She is currently living full-time on the road in a travel trailer. Her travels and discoveries across the US are very insightful and fun to keep up with. She is always giving tips on how to live more sustainably, in simple steps! 


Slow Vintage Shop

OK, so this is more of a shopping suggestion. Fast-fashion is becoming common knowledge, so there are no more excuses to continue buying from corrupt sources! We love a good charity shop, but for those of you who prefer a more glamorous shopping experience, @slowvintageshop is here for you! This British, pre-loved clothing shop collects beautiful pieces that are ready to be worn with style. This is also a good way of shopping small and each clothing listing has all measurements and any faults noted. We love some honest clothing, don’t you? 

Georgia Skye @veganpixie_

Georgia is our very own Brighton based vegan influencer. If you are a new-comer in the world of plant-based eating, she would be a particularly useful person to follow. She does reviews of supermarket and branded vegan products such as Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Rowntree’s sweets, ready-meals and everyday vegan goodies! Georgia tries all the vegan products so that you can choose the ones you really want to sink your teeth into! There is often a misconception that vegans are missing out on some of the tastiest foods, but Georgia’s account is proof that being plant-based can be just as yummy!