Alternative sustainable products to use in the home

Alternative sustainable products to use in the home

We all know that we need to be kinder to the world and become more sustainable in the way we live. Here at Mintie Lunch Boxes, we try our best to be sustainable. However, we know that sometimes the pressure of trying to be totally eco-friendly can be overwhelming, you may not know where to start, or feel like your individual actions won’t make a difference. Here are ten easy changes you can make in the home which are guaranteed to make a difference! 

  • Get yourself a Bamboo toothbrush! 

  • This is such a simple yet effective swap to make to reduce your plastic waste. Bamboo toothbrushes have a wooden handle that is biodegradable and they work just as well as any other toothbrush. If you want to compost your handle when you are finished, just snap the head off and dispose of it with the landfill waste.

    shampoo soap bar
  • Ditch your plastic plastic bottles with shampoo and soap bars!

  • Plastic bottles of soap and shower gel are not 100% recyclable, and even the parts that are recyclable will eventually go to landfill. Make the change to bars! There are so many delicious smelling bars of soap and shampoo out there now, it can be really fun to source your favourite scents. Most bars of soap and shampoo are packaged with biodegradable cardboard or paper, and you can go the extra mile and source some vegan and cruelty free bars too. 

  • Use your old clothes around the home!

  • Instead of throwing old or tatty clothes in the bin, put them to use. Cotton t-shirts make great dusters and old tights are useful for cleaning mirrors. Before you throw away anything, consider what else you can use it for. This sustainable, up-cycling approach to cleaning is zero waste and helps us to move further away from throwaway culture. 

  • Did you know about eco-friendly dishwasher tablets?

  • Forget those dishwasher tablets that are each individually covered in plastic and inside a plastic bag. There are tablets on the market that are 100% plastic free, biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free, and made from all-natural minerals and essential oils. What a fantastic way to reduce your household waste!

    soy candle
  • The future is full of Soy Candles! 

  • Did you know that classic paraffin wax in candles is made from petroleum and is not renewable? That is why we all need to replace our candles with soy wax candles! Soy wax is 100% natural and made from vegetable soybeans. It is a fantastic fragrance carrier that doesn’t require fragrance amplifiers. It also burns much slower than paraffin wax, so your candle lasts longer - What more could you want!? 

  • Be good to the world when you are on the loo

  • There are more and more recycled paper toilet roll and kitchen towel suppliers popping up than ever before, several with plastic-free packaging too. Brands such as ‘Who gives a crap?’ use 100% recycled material and donates 50% of all profits to help provide proper sanitation across the globe; why not make a difference on more than one level with your loo roll!?

  • Scrap the single-use face wipes and cotton pads!

  • We all need to get back to washing our faces with face cloths, not just because it’s better for your skin but because it’s just one more way you can reduce your carbon footprint. Bamboo face cloths are an effective choice; you can wash and re-use them repeatedly, and when you do throw one out it is biodegradable! If you use cotton pads to wipe away make-up, there are plenty of bamboo cotton pad packs out there too. You can buy a large pack of them and wash them all together – ready to be reused! 

    glass jar toothbrush reusable bamboo

  • Keep your glass jars as storage containers and take to the refill store!

  • Do you feel bad about the amount of plastic waste that comes from your weekly food shop? We recommend keeping some glass jars to store all your extra bits, such as leftovers and snacks, and to use in any local refill stores alongside your Mintie pots. There is an increasing amount of waste-free, refill shops popping up and it is important to support these to support your local community, economy and environment! 

  • Natural and waste-free Toothpaste

  • Toothpaste may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about how to be more eco-conscious. However, most conventional toothpastes use plastic packaging and some may contain harmful ingredients that can cause pollution. We often forget that our toothpaste ultimately ends up down the drain and can enter waterways – so it is important that it’s eco-friendly. We love the Brighton-based providers, ‘truthpaste’. They produce mineral-based toothpaste with all botanical ingredients using recyclable packaging, are totally vegan and cruelty free!

  • Reusable lunch boxes, water bottles and coffee cups – at all times!

  • Treat yourself to everything reusable! We know we are biased but just think how handy it is to have a water bottle, snack box, lunch box and coffee cup to hand wherever you are. You will reduce your waste immensely and save money on food and drink! Imagine being good to the environment and your bank account simultaneously – a dream come true!

    Treat these changes as little treats to yourself. If you feel it will be too much to do all at once, set yourself a goal of making one sustainable change every month or so. We know some sustainable alternatives can seem like an expensive change at first – so pace yourself. They will make so much change for good in the long run, and we guarantee that you will feel better for it! Enjoy your journey to being more eco-friendly and waste-free!