Making the Change to Refill Cleaning Solutions

Making the Change to Refill Cleaning Solutions

Most people know that plastic is destroying our oceans and polluting our planet at a rate so fast that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. However, what most people don’t know is that home care products, such as cleaning solutions and laundry detergents, generate more than 29 billion single-use plastic containers each year. 

There has been a significant rise in people making the change from single-use or even multi-use plastics to more sustainable and reusable materials. Our stainless steel lunchboxes and bottles are a great example of making simple changes to better the planet. So why not make the change in more aspects of your life, including your cleaning routine. 

OceanSaver is a fantastic alternative to your usual cleaning products. Created from a deep love of the ocean and concern over single use plastic, OceanSaver has created their own power-cleaning refills solution, EcoDrops, a plant-based, non-toxic solution that transforms in water; creating a safe and powerful product to clean your home spotlessly. 

OceanSaver, like Mintie, are on a mission to create a behaviour change. They’re dedicated to cleaning up the cleaning aisle, by using OceanSaver EcoDrops you commit to removing single-use plastic from your cleaning routine and saving our oceans for future generations. Their current mission is to save 2 million plastic bottles from reaching the ocean by the end of 2022; to date having saved over 1 million plastic bottles from reaching the ocean

What are EcoDrops? 

EcoDrops are created using GreenClean Technology, an OceanSaver formula that is plant-based, non-toxic, and vegan that guarantees a superior clean. Instead of buying a cleaning solution that is 90% water, you just have the formula that you add water too. By purchasing an OceanSaver bottle for life, made from prevented ocean plastic with a 100% recyclable trigger, you not only save plastic from heading to the ocean you also save money by purchasing just the formula. The formula sachets are 100% biodegradable too. 

Why Mintie loves EcoDrops? 

At Mintie we love EcoDrops because they are helping to disrupt the plastic industry, helping to educate consumers that making small changes are not only easy to do but also have a big impact. As supporters of Surfers Against Sewage and Sussex Dolphin Project we share the same values as OceanSaver that every day should be made World Oceans Day.