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Ethicul Partnership

Matthew, Charlie and Ryan are the thinkers and creators behind the wonderful initiative Ethicul which  brings ethically minded brands and people together. Their mission is to empower society to make ethical decisions and match customers with retailers who have the same passion for sustainability and the environment. 

If you haven’t visited their website yet I’d highly recommend you do. They are partnering with brands to offer member-only discounts where you can save and support small brands at the same time. Dan and I were delighted to be contacted by Ethicul and are now one of their brand partners.  It's so inspiring to hear journeys such as those of the Ethicul Team that show the passion and mission to bring small brands and like minded people closer is happening and retail and purchasing power is shifting for the greater good. Hooray!

So...give the Ethicul Team a follow here on Instagram, say hello and make savings on their website here. #LetsGetEthicul

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