Everyday Plastic Survey - have you signed up yet?

Mintie and the team have signed up to take part in the Everyday Plastic Survey which will starting now!


This challenge will be looking at all the areas in our lives where we are using and abusing single use plastic in our homes and environment.

Here in the Mintie household we have made some pretty cool changes since we opened our eyes to everything we were putting in the big black bin each week but we are by-no means a 100% plastic free family yet. We still create waste everyday. 

By taking part in this survey we will have a very real, visual experience of what we use, why we use it and how we can make those simple eco-swaps to find alternatives. It will also help us to be realistic about the areas which are harder to change, due to budget, necessity of an item (e.g. medication), or access issues. 

If you haven’t signed up already I’d urge you to take a peek at the great work and research Daniel Webb and his team are doing. You can read more here too.

Here’s a little video of how the survey will work : https://www.everydayplastic.org/

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