How Can You Support Small Businesses?

How Can You Support Small Businesses?

About 5 Super Simple Ways You can Support Small Businesses

Keep supporting small... your efforts and contributions really make a humongous difference.

Gift Cards are a great way to show a small business you are supporting them, it doesn’t have to be a big spend, they also make a great present for friends and family members you can’t get to see. 

Check out to find local suppliers that stock lots of things you might normally go to the supermarket for

Leave a positive review and share the love - leaving lovely words or comments about a product or service you have bought from a small business makes an incredible difference, it not only gives others the confidence to purchase products from them but the small business owner I can guarantee will do a happy twirl each time they get a positive review from you.

Comment and like their social media posts - we are all sitting at home scrolling through social media more at the moment Don’t forget as you flick through the images and posts to give a little thumbs up, heart or best of all leave a little ‘hello’ comment show your support for your favourite small business

Thinking of buying presents for a friend or family member? Consider shopping small for their gifts, small businesses will often go the extra mile to make sure your gift has the personal touch.

Reach out! You might have special small businesses that you love, so why not reach out to them with any suggestions you have on supporting them or just to say ‘hi I see you’. Tell them if you like what they are doing or if there is content or products you’d like them to develop or stock let them know that too… don’t be shy, give it a try :)

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