Packed Lunch Inspiration

Packed Lunch Inspiration


It can be hard to think of tasty, nutritious things for your lunch, especially when it is early in the morning and you are trying to make your breakfast or juggle 100 other thoughts and priorities!

Let us help you out with some of our lunches ideas


Vegan Moroccan Falafel Flatbread Wraps

Vegan Moroccan Falafel Flatbread Wraps  in a mintie

With cooked red onion and spinach watermelon and a sweetcorn, tomato, cumber and red onion salad

The flatbread recipe is  just 40g plain flour, 25ml of cold water. Mixed to a smooth dough, split into three balls, rolled über flat and dry fried for a couple of mins each side - so easy and so delish!!


Quinoa Pasta Salad

Quinoa Pasta Salad in a mintie
Red chard, Cavelo Nero, Onion, Garlic, Sun dried tomatoes, Olives, Quinoa pasta, Olive oil
Fry all of the vegetables together and cook the pasta in salted boiling water as per the packet timings.
Drain pasta and add to frying pan, combine the vegetables and the pasta.
Add pasta to your Mintie lunchbox to eat straight away or to keep for another day.


Fried Broccoli, Tofu and Rice

Fried Broccoli, Tofu and Rice in a mintie

Have it for dinner and take leftovers the following day (taste great cold too!)

1 medium onion, 100g edamame beans (green soya beans), 1 tbsp olive oil, 500g basmati rice, 1 broccoli - thinly sliced, 250g tofu, 1 red pepper, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1, tsp miso paste, 2 tbsp honey, Chilli flakes to taste, Sesame seeds

Boil the rice as per the instructions.
Heat oil in a wok or large frying pan over high heat, add the tofu, onion, broccoli and pepper and stir-fry for 2 minutes or until the tofu is starting to colour and the broccoli starting to soften; transfer to a plate.
Add the beans, soy sauce, miso paste and honey, toss until the mixture is well coated.
In a separate frying pan, gently dry fry the sesame seeds until golden
Serve the rice and top with tofu, veg mixture.
Garnish with chilli flakes and toasted sesame seeds


Wrap it!

Wrap it! in a mintie

Simple, versatile wheat or corn flour wraps are super quick and are an easy swap if you find you eat bread too often!

Wraps with your favourite filling (we currently love fake ham, salad and sriracha!)

A little pot of cherries, some carrot sticks, half an avocado

Plus a little pot with some pudding in it (we love a few broken biscuits and some dates or prunes!)

Don't forget the teaspoon for the avocado!


That's a Healthy Stack of Sarnies!

That's a Healthy Stack of Sarnies! in a mintie

Traditional sandwiches can easily be made lighter and more healthy with plenty of salad along with your favourite protein. If in doubt, add more veg!


This Mintie Max and Duo are packed with delicious and healthy sandwiches filled with cheese, onion, rocket, grated carrot, lettuce and a smidge of garlic mayonnaise.

On the side, a beautiful mix of heirloom mini tomatoes, raspberries and blueberries