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Share the #MintieMagic

#mintiemagic share your pics for a free voucher

WE NEED TO SEE YOUR PICS! Let us know what you and Mintie have been getting up to, so whether you are having a home picnic ….using your bottle to keep hydrated through your online workout...batch cooking up a storm and using Mintie in your freezer WE WANT TO SEE!

For everyone that shares on social media we will send you a FREE £5 Mintie Gift Voucher to spend in our store, SO….

  1. Take a Mintie pic,
  2. Share you phot on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #mintiemagic
  3. Send us a DM or email with a photo of your share
  4. We will then send you one of our Gift Vouchers to use at any time you choose now or in the future. 
Get snapping :)

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