We specialise in stainless steel lunch boxes, snack pots, bottles and lunch bags. They are very popular with parents buying them for school. Personalised metal lunch boxes for school are a good investment. They will last for years, will always come home again and are plastic-free. All our lunchboxes are carbon neutral as we offset the emissions due to product and shipping.

Our stainless steel lunch boxes with compartments are best for creating balanced portions. The duo has a fixed divider for meal segments, the Versa Mini and Versa Midi has a removable divider which you can adjust the position. For larger appetites, you may find large stainless steel lunch box containers are great for the office, such as the Versa Max or Snug Max.

Leak proof lunchboxes will be perfect for more liquid meals such as currys or stews. If you like to make lots of separate types of food and want to eat a variety of nourishing sides, create a bento steel lunch box set and encourage healthy habits.

Our lightweight water bottles are great for outdoor activities such as camping, walking, picnics and sports. Take to the office to encourage healthy habits such as drinking plenty of water.

You will find our snack pots are so versatile, suitable for sauces, dips, houmous and salad dressings. Or fill with toasted seeds to scatter over your salad. They even make handy containers for pet treats or other items around the home.

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