About Us

At Mintie Lunchboxes we aim to help people to make choices that are kinder to the environment by reducing household waste and the use of plastic and chemicals. 

We set up in December 2017 with a desire to reduce the plastic we are using and throwing away each day but also with a need to feel more confident that the food that we eat is stored in a way that reduces our exposure to BPA’s and other associated toxins.


Who are we?

We are a family with two rather wonderful and springy children. These are our motivation behind Mintie. Packing up their lunches each day we noticed not only how much plastic wrap and foil we were using but how the plastic boxes we stored their foods in would often warp, smell kinda funky over time and always break. We had also started to read more and more about the the exposure to plastics and the potential harm they can do to us all.

We searched the market and could not really find what we were looking for. We wanted something of a lunchbox solution for children and big kids alike that was well made, durable and didn't break the bank. It should encourage us to make a balanced meal with interesting ingredients and keep them fresh until eaten. ​

In order to guarantee no transfer of man-made toxins to the food with prolonged use, it could only be made from glass or stainless steel. Glass was ruled out for the reasons of weight and fragility.

The stainless steel products on the market didn't seem very child friendly and by the time you have added the extras needed for a complete set, rather expensive.

So we decided to do it ourselves. We designed the kind of product we wanted and engaged with a number of suppliers to find the perfect package. The first offering from the Mintie brand was the Duo a simple, robust and easy to clean stainless steel lunchbox. It is still one of our most popular products today and continues to go to and from many schools and offices for lunch every day.

Our Values

We have always been a bit of a pair of “Eco Warriors,” or maybe more accurately  “Eco Worriers” - knowing that stuff should be done differently but not really knowing where to begin. Making small changes like what we store our food in is a good step to making less of an impact on our precious world and also caring for our inner eco systems by reducing the exposure to chemicals each day.

We are passionate about what we are doing, we want to provide our customers with an honest product, that is safe, reusable, durable, long lasting and has minimal impact on our world. We also rather like tasty lunches and snacks and have a hearty appetite for all things healthy and tasty! 

We’d love to hear from you and have your thoughts on what we are doing. We hope Mintie the hedgehog will make you smile and help you to have a tasty lunch every day.

Our Partners

We work with a few different factories and suppliers, chosen for their commitment to quality materials and processes. We only work with materials that are safe and reliable and that must be proven with independent testing and personal inspection.

Due to the shift in global manufacturing, the best suppliers of stainless steel household products are based in China and India. Recent shifts in the supply chain have left European manufactures focussing on either more complex custom items such as furniture and industrial equipment or extremely low cost items such as food packaging that need to be made close to the food suppliers.

We remain open to working with new suppliers and if you are maker, manufacturer or distributor and would like to work with us, please get in touch!

Vic and Dan xx




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