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Cutlery Pouch

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A beautiful handmade cutlery pouch handmade from organic cotton and linen. Made right here in the UK by Greener Habits, from a fabric which was end of line. This means these pouches helped stop fabric waste, but also that we never know if we will get that fabric again- making them extra special & unique!

These bags have a practical size & are very versatile- they can be used to carry utensils such as cutlery and straws on the go, but also used for other purposes such as a pencil or toothbrush case, or even to hold knitting needles.

These cutlery pouches are the perfect partner for a Snug or Versa Lunchbox, secure in place with a silicone band and keep them all together in your lunch bag.

Having these little pouches is the perfect solution to keep all your zero waste bits you have collected together, clean, dry and safe in your bag.

We always encourage people to use what they already have, so if you have suitable on the go cutlery already or straw already, you can always use those with your pouch :)


  • Made in the UK
  • Fabric- 85% cotton, 15% linen
  • 27cm x 8cm
  • Hand wash advised
  • Each pouch is handmade, so they are all slightly unique, just like you. Sometimes a bag may be slightly wider or longer.